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Most of the people who are using the android for the first time don’t know that it can run more than one email account. User can even set up the wizard which allows the synchronizing of email accounts.  Similarly there are few other domains which are already configured on the android. You can set up the SBC Global email account on your android phone via the wizard setup. SBC Global uses the server of AT&T besides using its common server.   You can set up the email on android in few minutes by following few easy steps mentioned below.

What Is The Procedure To Set Up The Email Settings Of Sbc Global On Android?

Prior to setting up email on android you need to ensure that you have correct email address and password of your account. On fulfilling the requirement go through the given set of instructions:

  • Firstly open the application menu of your android by clicking on the “Application icon” present on t home screen.
  • Then open the “Email function” from the available list of applications and then navigate to the option of “Add Account”.
  • Now you have to enter the email id and password of SBC Global in given fields. If you don’t have the account then it is right time to make a new account and then give your email address and password.
  • Recently your account type will be set to POP3, select it in the account type header. Now add the given address in the incoming POP field and set this address for incoming email server.
  • For outgoing POP field you have to enter the given address in outgoing server field. Remember that your incoming server will be POP3 and port number is 995.
  • Now hit the SSL box to ensure that you want to get the SSL service as your incoming mail.
  • Your port number for the outgoing mail will be 465 and you have to again click the SSL box for outgoing mail.
  • After that click on the link which is marked as “Next” to move towards verification page and complete the mailing setting up process.
  • Now you can open your SBC Global email account by entering the on your web browser and then select the yahoo mail from favorites option. Then add your email id and password in the mail box of yahoo and access your account. Yahoo is in part with SBC Global so you can access your mail from here easily.
  • Likewise you can also access your account by following the given link and then select the email tab and get an access to entry page for your account details.

How I Can Delete My AT & T Member Id And Keep Only Yahoo Email Id?

Follow the given steps to keep the Yahoo id only and delete the AT & T id:

  • Login in with the AT & T member id and then click on user information tab which is present t on right side of member id and finally select the option of “Delete Email”.
  • Then confirm the account deletion by clicking on “Ok” button. As the messages displays that all of your information will be deleted but this is not true. This will delete only your email id you can still use the yahoo email id and all of your details will be kept intact.
  • For continue using the Yahoo id you can login with yahoo and select the unmerge button located at the top right side of web page.

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