SBC Global IMAP Email Settings

If you want to set up the email account on mobile device then you have to set the incoming mail server and outgoing mail server. It is more advisable to select the IMAP server as it is more modern and flexible option. It is also more secure than other options. In coming server can be of two types either POP3 or IMAP4. In this article you will be told about the process of selecting IMAP4 and setting up the SBC Global email account on your phone.

What Is The Procedure To Add SBC Global IMAP Email Account Auto-Setup?

  • Being a new comer you are supposed to open the application icon from main menu and then click on “Email”. Then tap the button of “Next”.
  • If you are adding multiple accounts then you will the button of “access your inbox of already set account. Select the main menu and click on “Add Accounts”.
  • Then select account type of IMAP4 and give your user id and password and then hit the button of “Next”.
  • Now you have to verify your email settings for ATT&T Yahoo based Personal Email providers by giving the user name and password.

What Is The Process Of Settings Up The SBC Global IMAP Email Account Manual Setup?

Manual setup for incoming email server:

  • For the manual step up you have to follow the above steps first and then pick up the option of “Manual Set up”.
  • In the next step select the account type of IMAP4. Then you are supposed to verify the pre-populated details located below email provider that whether it is correct or not. You can also delete the already present information by replacing with new one.
  • Now give the user name which includes full user id and domain and then proceed by giving the password of email account.
  • You have to select the POP3 incoming server address and select the SSL security.
  • Proceed by giving the email provider incoming port number 995 and then verify your incoming settings that either they are correct or not.
  • Then hit the button of “Next” and then hand set will connect to the server if the provided information is correct.

Manual Set Up For Outgoing Email Server:

  • On the verification of email incoming server details handset will demand the outgoing server details. First of all give the outgoing SMTP server name.
  • Then give the security SSL and email provider’s out going port number 465.
  • Proceed next by verifying the username and give the email account password. Also verify the password of your email account.
  • You have to verify the outgoings settings and then hit the option of “Next”.
  • Handset will now connect with the server and begin downloading the messages.
  • Lastly if you are using the POP3 make sure that you have to delete copy from server if you don’t want incoming emails to synchronize into head set.

How I Can Unmerge The AT &T And Yahoo Email Accounts?

You can unmerge your email account of AT & T and Yahoo by following few steps:

  • Once delete your AT & T email account by entering Login credentials.
  • Then login your Yahoo account and select the button of unmerge located at the right corner of the web page.
  • All of your details on the account will be kept.

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