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SMTP provides assistance in the setting the outgoing mail server of SBC Global email account on mobile devices. You can set the email account on your mobile phone and get your emails on your phone in few seconds. This is an easy process and takes few minutes for completion. You can set the outgoing mail server as SMTP and enjoy the email service of SBC Global. In this article you will be told about the process of selecting the SMTP server and then setting up the SBC Global email account on your device. Go through the given set of instructions to complete the process of selecting server and setting up email account on mobile.

What Is The Procedure For Setting Up The SBC Global STMP Email Server?

For setting up the email account and STMP server you have to follow given instructions”

Set up for incoming mail server:

  • First of all open the select the icon of application from the main menu.
  • Then click on the tab of “Email” present in your application list and click on the button of “Next”. If you are adding the multiple accounts then you will access the inbox of already opened account. Select main menu and click on “Add Accounts”.
  • Then select the account type IMAP and give your user name which includes your email address and then click the button which is marked as “Next”.
  • Now you have to give the server host name of in next field.
  • Now enter the incoming server port number 993 and give the authentication password.
  • Select the security of SSL from the available options.
  • Lastly verify the email settings for ATT&T Yahoo Personal Email providers by entering the email and account’s password.

Set Up For Outgoing Email Server:

  • On verification of the incoming email server details handset will ask the outgoing server details.
  • First of all give the user name which is actually your email address in the given space.
  • Then enter the outgoing SMTP server name of
  • Now give the port number of outgoing server 465
  • Then select the security SSL in given area.
  • Proceed next by verifying username and account password. Also verify password in next blank.
  • You need to verify outgoings settings and hit the button which is labeled as “Next”.
  • Your handset will connect with server and start downloading the incoming messages.
  • In last step you have to delete the copy of server POP3 for avoiding the email synchronization in the head set.

What Is SMTP?

SMTP is abbreviation of Simple Mail Transfer Protocol and it is basically an internet standard for electronic mail transmission.  It is a protocol for sending the email between two servers. Usually the emails which are sent on internet use the SMTP protocol for this purpose. There are few other servers also available like POP3 and IMAP but SMTP is more specifically used for sending messages from mail client to the mail server. So you have to specify the server during configuration of your email application on the mobile device.

Can I Re-Merge My Sub Accounts After Unmerging Them?

You cannot re merge your sub accounts after unmerging them. Once you un merge a Yahoo id from an AT & T member id or transfer the data and preferences from one account to another then you won’t be able to re-merge them with each other.

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